Landlord Education

Maine hoMEworks offers a two and a half hour landlord education course through its participating counseling agencies located across the state. 

The Landlord Education seminar, designed for those owning and managing residental properties, covers a variety of topics ranging from tenant application to eviction. MaineHousing and Fair Housing topics are included The class is offered on a variety of days and times to accommodate diverse schedules. 

Learn more about Homebuyer Education by downloading the Maine hoMEworks Brochure or reading about Maine hoMEworks below. 

What topics are covered in this class?

Tenant Issues:

  • Applications

  • Screening

  • Reference checks

  • Fair housing

  • Leases vs. tenancies at will

  • Decurity deposits

  • Eviction procedures

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Building Issues:

  • Property Maintenance

  • Repairs

  • Lead Rules

  • Carbon Monoxide rules

  • Budgeting, bookkeeping and managing expenses


This class is open to anyone in the community who is interested in learning about owning and managing residential properties.   

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Who teaches this class?

Coastal Enterprises Inc (CEI) in Wiscasset offers the landlord education classes. To learn more about CEI visit their website.   

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Where and when are the classes held?

Landlord education classes are offered on a variety of days and times to accommodate diverse schedules. Please view the schedule to find classes offered in your area. 

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How do you register for this class?

Interested parties can register in person, by telephone, email or online for a the landlord education course at one of the participating education providers. 

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How much does this class cost?

The price of this class is $35 per person. For more information please see the class schedule above. 

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Questions? Contact Maine hoMEworks.

For more information regarding class content, you can contact CEI at (207) 882-5177. 

If you still have questions, please contact Maine hoMEworks by filling out this form.  

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