About Maine hoMEworks

A Maine organization, hoMEworks, is a nonprofit group dedicated to consumer homebuyer education. hoMEworks believes the best place to start the home buying process is in the classroom.   

The hoMEworks mission is to develop a standardized, comprehensive, homeownership education program to be delivered by a network of industry professionals in neutral environments throughout Maine.

Learn more about Homebuyer Education by downloading the Maine hoMEworks Brochure or reading about Maine hoMEworks below. 


hoMEworks: A beginning

HoMEworks began in 1998 when a broad-based group of homeownership professionals from private, non-profit and government organizations joined in support of consumer education for homebuyers. Working cooperatively, the initial hoMEworks directors built consensus on the best type of program to serve both public and private sector interests while educating potential homeowners. The directors then used this groundwork to develop  a curriculum and standards for homeownership education classes and requirements for educators who want to join the hoMEworks network and use the hoMEworks brand name. 



hoMEworks Today

The hoMEworks effort to support a consistent, high quality consumer education program for homebuyers has the support of many nonprofit and private sector organizations.  Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals, Maine Association of REALTORS®, Maine Bankers Association, Maine Community Action Association, Maine Credit Union League, MaineHousing, and housing industry professionals are all represented on the hoMEworks Board of Directors.